Dr. Mahajani has extensive experience in early scar management of severe trauma and early management and treatment of severe burns. Dr. Mahajani is a Plastic Surgeon who treats burns at Royal Darwin Hospital and in his private practice in Darwin, Northern Territory. Most of his patients are referred from Accident and Emergency at Royal Darwin Hospital or via referral from General Practitioners. He is interested in restorative surgery to improve scarring or function in an old injury; or contractures that interfere with mobility of the limbs and also scarring of the face. Scar revision may involve extensive skin grafting or flap surgery.

Dr. Mahajani is a visiting medical officer at Royal Darwin Hospital and Darwin Private Hospital in the Northern Territory. He was part of the surgical team that treated the victims of Bali Bombings on both occasions.

Burns can cause significant secondary problems with scars and contractures and Dr Mahajani has an interest in secondary correction of these abnormalities.

Early debridement of deeper burns and full thickness skin grafting is very important to facilitate the healing process. Infection is a major complication of burn injuries which can cause a failed skin graft, virulence and antibiotic resistance of colonising bacteria. Dr. Mahajani will also discuss long-term rehabilitation of severe burns and scar management once the wounds have healed.

Dr Mahajani and his staff are committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. Our aim is to ensure the achievement of the best surgical result possible without incurring any further costs. If you have any issues at all with your surgical outcome, please discuss this freely with Dr. Mahajani and his staff.