General hand surgery post operation instructions

These instructions are general and specific instructions pertaining to your particular case will be given to you.

  1. Keep the hand elevated ( this reduces swelling and pain)
  2. Monitor the colour (circulation) of the finger tip, make sure the tip is pink and there is good capillary return
  3. If the finger tip goes blue, white or is so painful that simple medications don’t help, it means the blood supply may be compromised. In this case, you need to gently remove the bandages and  go to the emergency ward. Also let Dr Mahajani know.
  4. The fingers may be numb for 1-8 hours ( in general ) after the operation. As long as the circulation is intact that is generally acceptable. If in doubt, please feel free to call Dr Mahajani.
  5. Often splints are required, Dr Mahajani will advise you regarding the splints and post operative mobilization. To maximise the results please comply with the splinting and post operative regimen as per Dr Mahajani or your hand therapist.
  6. Dr Mahajani works very closely with hand therapists to maximise your outcome. This is a necessary and integral part of post hand operation treatment.

Dr Mahajani will explain the  risks and adverse outcomes potentially associated from surgery.  The follow varies from patient to patient but for most hand surgical cases this is 6-8 weeks, if the injury is more complex, it can be a little longer.

Realistic expectations from surgery  It is important for your expectations to be realistic. We will try as far as possible , within the constraints of your physical health, the nature of the problem, and your wishes to help you achieve your goals. The surgeon cannot guarantee all expectations and nor can guarantee the longlasting effect as the ageing process continues and there may be other variations. Sometimes other procedures are required, and infrequently sometimes severe complications are encountered. We will endeavour to the best of our ability to help you where possible. Rarely, it may be required to seek the help of other specialists. If you however have any concerns at any time please feel free to contact the practice. You are always entitled to second opinions at any stage and we are happy to help facilitate this for you if you so desired.