These are the most common hand growths (tumour) and are benign ( not cancerous). They are due to wear and tear of the joint or tendon lubricant ( synovium ). In the hand, these occur around the wrist ( back or front) in the fingers or the back of the nails. Generally painless, with growth they can impair function and sometimes cause pain. Treatment ranges from observation, injection, through to excision. Ganglions may signify damage to the underling joint or tendon. Your GP should send you for your appointment along with a copy of your xray and ultrasound.

Operation for Ganglions

If an operation is required, it is done as a day case. The ganglion is removed and sent for laboratory analysis. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to recover with a return to work after this time - see Ganglion information sheet

Ganglions information sheet